Shania Twain went on Live With Kelly and Ryan on Tuesday (June 18) to discuss her new film, I Still Believe, and the shenanigans that took place behind the scenes.

While Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest normally co-host the show together, Seacrest was out for the day, leaving Ripa to fend with a guest host—her husband Mark Consuelos!

That was a stroke of luck for Twain, as she Consuelos have something in common: They've both worked with actor KJ Apa, who rose to fame by playing Archie Andrews on Riverdale. Twain is acting alongside Apa in I Still Believe, while Consuelos plays Mr. Lodge on the CW television show.

"He's so fun, he's a really fun guy, obviously very talented—you know that," Twain said of Apa while on the show. Consuelos asked if she's heard Apa play music, since he's also a musician.

"A great one," agreed Twain readily. "The film we're doing, he [plays] a musician in the film. So on set he was playing guitar and jamming, really talented." (Apa plays real-life Christian musician Jeremy Camp in the production; Twain portrays his mother.)

When  Ripa then suggested that they could maybe collaborate on a song, Twain was quick to reply positively. "That could be very interesting...of course I would, yeah!"

Consuelos then brought up the fact that Apa is known as a prankster on the set of the television show. "He [is]," Twain agreed. "He got me twice."

What exactly did Apa do to "get" Twain? Turns out she's a pretty easy mark. "That typical classic thing you should already know by now, 'Let's take a selfie,' but he was videoing."

I Still Believe, the follow-up to 2018 indie hit I Can Only Imagine, began filming in May, and is set for a March 2020 release.

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