Shania Twain's new music is a family affair. The country superstar tells Taste of Country Nights that her son Eja helped her pick the first single from her forthcoming album, Now.

Twain wrote a huge batch of songs for her upcoming album, and she says when it came to picking the track to precede the release, the 15-year-old's input was invaluable. He "really loved this one particularly, he responded so enthusiastically to it," she says.

Eja's father is Twain's former husband and producer, Mutt Lange, and it sounds like he's a chip off the old block.

"He's very much into music," she shares. "He's very much into arranging and writing and producing. He's so passionate about it, he spends all of his spare time doing that."

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Twain says she didn't encourage him toward a career in music; Eja gravitated toward it by the age of 12 and spends hours and hours poring over the technical aspects of programming, engineering and how to get sounds, as well as music.

"He's just addicted and very passionate and serious about it," she says.

Twain is set to release Now on Sept. 29. It's her first full-length studio album since 2002's Up!, and she has said that the new songs were inspired in no small part by her divorce from Lange and the aftermath. "Life's About to Get Good" encapsulates those themes, she says.

"And I also feel that it says a lot about my story in this album, which is going from dark to light and sad to happy, and that whole transition. How to find optimism, recognize optimism in a difficult time. So this song that has that real emotional conflict in it that I love, that represented the album well."

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