Shania Twain has an alleged stalker, and he's in trouble once again for attempting to contact her. The country star was in Toronto, Canada last weekend at the Juno Awards to be inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. Unknown to her at the time, the man in question, Giovanni "John" Palumbo -- a 50-year-old doctor from Ottawa -- was there, too.

Palumbo was arrested Sunday night when someone spotted him in the crowd, and is in jail after facing three charges for breaching bail conditions. "It was somebody who was aware he shouldn't be close to someone," Isabelle Cotton of the Toronto police force tells the Ottawa Citizen.

Those conditions stem from 2009, when he reportedly harassed Twain with flowers and love notes sent to her private home in Switzerland. Just weeks ago, Palumbo was ordered by the court not to go within 500 yards of the country star. Not only was Palumbo told to stay away from Twain physically -- he was banned by the court from traveling to Toronto, with the only exception being he could attend the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Palumbo appeared in court on March 7 to address previous charges, but they were dropped since Twain was unable to be in attendance.

Palumbo was last arrested on Nov. 27, 2009, wearing a Shania Twain T-shirt and carrying a copy of her biography. After his unwelcome Juno Awards appearance, he will now remain in jail until an April 1 hearing.