It's not an overstatement to say Shania Twain's 'Come on Over' album is the most successful country album ever. It has sold over 40 million copies worldwide after separate versions were released in Europe. Twain spent over 50 weeks at No. 1 on the Country Album charts.

Valid criticisms that she stretched too far pop to be a true country star on 'Come on Over' don't hold up when one counts the 11 (yes 11!) songs that charted on country radio, including three that went to No. 1.

This historic album celebrates its 15th anniversary today (Nov. 4, 2012). The most recognizable songs fans will still find on radio today include 'You're Still the One,' 'From This Moment,' 'That Don't Impress Me Much' and 'Man! I Feel Like a Woman.'

Twain really only released three successful studio albums during her career, a fact that seems impossible given the influence she had and the impression she left. Credit 'Come on Over' for the illusion that she recorded more than she actually did.

Of course, her husband, Robert "Mutt" Lange, produced this and all of her albums. Reviewers both praised and criticized his slick sound, often in the same review. Yes, the fiddles were synthesized and machines seemed to replace humans at every opportunity, but he did it really, really well. The sexy singer embraced this style and made it more than acceptable to sell her good looks along with the music. Traditionalists were furious. But an album that sells 40 million copies -- plus millions of singles -- is beyond reproach.

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