Country group Shenandoah was involved in a fiery bus crash on Saturday (June 7) in Beaumont, Texas.

The highway accident took place around 3AM, when the band was crossing the Neches River Bridge. An intoxicated driver crashed into the back of a fuel tank-carrying vehicle. The tank exploded and the Shenandoah tour bus, which was not far behind, drove through the flames and proceeded to sideswipe one of the vehicles.

"There was a big bang then we were sideswiped and engulfed in a huge fireball as big as a house," Shenandoah drummer Mike McGuire says. "Witnesses behind us told authorities that the flames totally engulfed our bus at one point and you could not see it."

The driver swerved, barely avoiding rolling the bus on its side. "If we hadn't done that, we would've likely rolled off the bridge."

A husband and wife were transported to a local hospital, and the intoxicated driver and passengers were uninjured. However, the driver will be charged for his actions, police say. Shenandoah's tour bus was damaged due to the flames and collision.

It turned out that the turn of events happened at a providential location. Says McGuire, "Fortunately, there was a police car parked right off the bridge where we pulled over. We were able to report the accident to the officer as soon as we stopped. We could see the vehicles burning on top of the bridge behind us and traffic was at a stand still from the other side."

"Thanks to everyone for the prayers and well wishes. The Lord was watching over and protecting us." All members of the band and their crew were uninjured.