The music video for Shooter Jennings' new single 'Wild and Lonesome' continues along the dark and mysterious path taken by the feature film inspired by his latest album. Jennings' song -- from 'The Other Life' album -- is a straight-forward country tune, but the video casts the guitar-slinger on the wrong end of a shotgun.

This clip is the next-to-last installment of the accompanying film, out Sept. 1 on limited edition purple VHS. To begin, Jennings wakes up in the road as a long, black Cadillac pulls up. A man in a wolf mask drags the singer into the backseat as a sinister-looking teen watches. The car drives through downtown Nashville before the group ends up in a cemetery.

From there … well, you'll have to watch to see how this story ends for the singer. The storyline for the feature film describes Jennings as finding himself on a dark trip from family man to gunslinger. It's part grim fable, part psychedelic vision quest, and fans get a taste of both in this music video.

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