Sim Balkey is releasing new music, and he's giving fans an early glimpse at one of the tracks.

"Get to You" is one of the central tracks on Balkey's new Straight Fire EP. He co-wrote the song with Rich Karg, and the lyric starts off with a sardonic look inside the music making process, saying, "Deejay wants it bumping in the trucks / Record label says they're gonna spend a million bucks to promote it."   But the verses reveal his true motivation for creating his music: "Every girl who hears me rolling out the radio / Thinks I sing to them, but baby girl I hope you know / Every single note, every single verse / Every step I take trying to break this curse / Every single thing I ever do / I'm just trying to get to you," he sings.

"Get to You' is a song that gives what I think is still a much-needed message -- that things aren't always what they seem," Balkey says. Click on the track below to check out his unique blend of classic vocals and contemporary production values.

Balkey's brand of country music is heavily influenced by his upbringing on his family's ranch in New Mexico, and he lists Justin Moore, Gary Allan and Garth Brooks among his influences. He has built his audience through touring, playing on the bill with Eric Church and Chris Young, among others, and scored a success at Texas radio with "How 'Bout we Do That Tonight."

The singer-songwriter co-wrote six of the seven tracks on Straight Fire, which is available on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and Google Play via OneRPM on Friday (July 14). 

"Everything about releasing this EP feels right," he states. "Every song and the effort that went into them... It lends itself to where I am right now in life and music."

Listen to Sim Balkey, "Get to You"

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