Dolly Parton fans can now step into the country icon's shoes — or bus — with a truly unique, new opportunity. Parton's Prevost tour bus, which she used from 2008 to 2022, is now available to book for nightly accommodations at Dollywood.

According to Billboard, Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa obtained the bus in March of 2022. The vehicle has driven the star more than 360,000 miles in North America, and Parton has reportedly written "dozens" of songs in it. Now, through the Dollywood Suite 1986 Experience, fans have the opportunity to stay in the bus for a minimum of two nights.

Parton and her sisters designed the entirety of the vehicle, and it features colorful decor with tributes to the wandering lifestyle. The bus also features a variety of sleeping arrangements, including three bunk beds. A full-size refrigerator, electric doors and a bathtub are also included features.

In addition to having the experience of sleeping in Parton's "personal sanctuary," fans who stay in the bus will be able to view some of Parton's personal items, including shoes, jewelry and clothing. A few of Parton's wigs will also be on display in a wig cabinet.

"I have homes all over the United States, but my favorite place is the bus because that way I can just feel those wheels rolling," Parton says. "I’m a true gypsy at heart."

The bus can house up to two guests, and patrons who book the tour bus will receive an additional room at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa, which can hold four more guests. The resort room will have a view of the bus.

Reservations for the bus begin at $10,000, and proceeds will benefit the Dollywood Foundation. Fans can request to book Suite 1986 to get the bus experience.

PICTURES: See Inside Dolly Parton's Lavish Tour Bus

A luxury tour bus that was Dolly Parton's home on the road for 15 years is now available for fans to stay in at Dollywood, and the money goes to a great cause.

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