Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is back to prove his debut country single was not a fluke with "Red, White & You." The new song demonstrates a very different side to the rock icon's upcoming country album on Dot Records, an imprint of Big Machine.

Where "Love Is Your Name" was a rootsy, acoustic-based homage to romance that could have been just at home in Americana as at mainstream country radio, "Red, White & You" is an unapologetic slice of good-time commercial country, slickly produced and with a lyric aimed squarely at the work-hard, play-hard values of country's core audience.

“Bang, bang, baby, like the Fourth of July / A lightning strike in the midnight sky / I don’t give a damn about the summertime blues / All I need is red, white and you,” Tyler sings in the chorus of "Red, White & You."

“Can’t let those colors fade / Tell me you’re gonna stay / American girls, makin’ dreams come true / All I need is red, white and you.”

Tyler's label, Dot Records, describes the song as an "American uptempo country anthem" in a press release. Tyler co-wrote the song with Nathan Barlowe, Levi Hummon and Jon Vella and produced the track with Dann Huff.

The song references fellow classic rocker Tom Petty in several places, as well as other rock classics like "Summertime Blues" and "Born in the U.S.A." Its rollicking feel and fun lyrics are undoubtedly better-suited to country radio than "Love Is Your Name," and while it's hard to hear Tyler's signature voice and not think of Aerosmith, that's not exactly a drawback to fans who've grown up hearing that same voice pour out of the speakers of their car radio for decades.

Listen to Steven Tyler, "Red, White & You"

Steven Tyler, "Red, White & You" Lyrics:

I ran out, nothing else matters / You and me and the Georgia night / Look around ‘cause it don’t get any better /  Have you ever felt so alright?

Let's dance, take it slow / Tom Petty on the radio /
When we’re singing about "American Girls" like you / When I look in your eyes, all I wanna do is…

Bang bang baby like the 4th of July / A lightning strike in the midnight sky / Don’t give a damn about the summertime blues / All I need is red white and you / Can't let those colors fade /  Tell me you’re gonna stay / American girls making dreams come true / All I need is red white and ... 

You pulling me a little bit closer /  Heart beating like a big bass drum / We spinning on a roller coaster / A “Free Fallin’” into your yum yum / All the bad girls rockin’ those cut off jeans / And good old boys driving Big Machines / And you can kiss my ass, can’t help but say /  It’s good to be “Born in the USA”

Baby …
What we gonna do
Honey, I don’t give a damn about the summertime blues
All I need is …

Repeat Chorus

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