The excitement surrounding Sugarland's new album is getting "Bigger." The duo has released the title track of their highly anticipated project, and it's an uplifting song that carries a message of self-empowerment at its core.

A cheerful pop-country melody adds even more charisma to the song that instantly puts you in a good mood. The lyrics are topical, with the first verse opening with the notion that we all feel it's getting "harder and harder to hold our heads up high" and later proclaiming that your body is a temple, and no amount of money and power should make you feel inferior.

But the "Bigger" chorus will easily pick up your spirits with its hopeful message of support that we're brighter than the darkness that tries to plague us. "Cause we were born / For better days / We'll find a way / We're gonna be bigger / Don't give up / You're more than enough / Believe me love / You're gonna be bigger," Jennifer Nettles chants with conviction, channeling all of her energy and positivity into vibrant vocals.

Bigger marks Sugarland's first release since Nettles and Kristian Bush parted ways as a duo in 2012. It's their first album since 2010's The Incredible Machine and features 11 tracks, 10 of which were written by the duo, and one titled "Babe" that was pitched to the duo by the song's co-writer Taylor Swift.

"Our hopefulness and our sparkiness and our joy is one of the things I think we do uniquely well, especially in the country format. We offer that in a unique way," Nettles says of the project.

Bigger hits shelves on June 8. The duo is on their 2018 Still the Same Tour through September.

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