Sugarland have proven on recent albums that they're willing to do a little genre bending. Now, Kristian Bush is introducing the duo's influences to fans by opening up his record collection. The 'Day Off Record Club' is a chance to listen and discuss an entire album that he ownes. The first target is R.E.M.'s 'Murmur' this week.

"This idea started on Saturdays when I would show my kids what a vinyl album was and let them pick one to put on the record player," Bush says on the band's website. "We would listen and they would dance or draw or color while I drank coffee. They started asking questions about the music and looking at the record covers. They got interested in what they could hold in their hand."

One senses his collection is rather extensive, and that he hasn't totally given into the iTunes culture. "Music can change my day, and my days off are always like unwritten pages of a story," he says.

The e-discussion will only occur on days the band has off, and anyone is welcome to join in on the discussion at the @dayoffrecords Twitter feed. There is one important rule for anyone interested in following Bush on this journey, however: "During Day Off Record Club, we listen all the way through, no matter what -- no skipping allowed -- and just let the music play and help teach us, remind us, or show us something new. You can go back later and wear out your favorite songs, but at least once, you must listen top to tail."

Bush adds that he hopes his followers will discover new music and experience new styles. In a sense, that's what his band with Jennifer Nettles has been trying to do for eight years.

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