The lyrics to Sunny Sweeney's new single, 'Drink Myself Single,' tell the story of a woman who's ready to know what it's like to live life like her man, who stays out til all hours of the night. Sweeney co-wrote the tune with Monty Holmes and the song is the third single from her newly-released album, 'Concrete.'

"It was one of the first times that Monty Holmes and I had ever written," Sweeney tells Taste of Country. "I went over to his publishing company, and I had some beer with me because I was having one of those days. I walked in, and he had some wine with him. We sat there, and I was like, 'I’ve got this idea for a song … I think it would be funny, but it could be a real country kind of uptempo thing, and it would be cool for a girl to sing it.'"

"I’m gonna dress up in my low-cut / My tight blue jeans, I’m gonna stir somethin’ up / I’m gonna kiss all the boys ’til I kiss your memory goodbye / Yeah, I’m a gonna drink myself single tonight," Sweeney sings in the opening lyrics.

"We started talking about it, and we literally wrote it in an hour and a half, just sitting there drinking," Sweeney continues.

"A bottle of red, a bottle of white / Which one will it be, I can’t decide / I guess I’ll find out once I drink those bottles dry / Yeah, I’m a gonna drink myself single tonight," she sings in the chorus.

"Monty is like my Nashville dad now," laughs Sweeney. "He and his wife are just awesome to me. They’re some of my best friends now. We hang out all the time. He wrote ‘Never Again, Again’ for Lee Ann Womack and he wrote ‘Troubadour’ for George Strait … He’s a bad-a-- writer. I loved his music before I really knew him, so this is just one of those fun, we-kind-of-need-to-write-a-song songs. Then it turned into a song that everybody started asking for at shows. I love it!"