Taste of Country caught up with the Swon Brothers at WE Fest in Minnesota over the weekend and chatted all things new music, pranks and even their mentor-turned-buddy Blake Shelton.

The brothers took the opportunity to dish a few details about the new record they’re working on, which promises to be "a lot more rockin’,” Colton admits. “A lot more energy and a lot edgier."

“We spent a lot of time on the road the past year and a half, and we’ve noticed what people respond to and what they want to hear,” Zach adds. “So we just kind of shifted more toward that direction, but it still has that Swon Brothers sound."

The duo played some of their new tracks at the festival with the hopes of determining fans’ reactions and whether or not the songs will be a good fit for the record, which is currently still in the works.

The band recently toured with country vet Brad Paisley, who is also known for his elaborate, and sometimes odd, onstage pranks. The Swons say they got a taste of it when Paisley sent bearded ballerinas out and wouldn’t let the duo start their set.

“None of our gear would come on, it was just them dancing to ‘Later On,’” Colton recalls.

“He actually got on the mic and said, ‘The Swon Brothers have taken a new direction,’ they came out dancing and the whole crowd had no idea what was going on,” Zach chimes in.

Check out the rest of the exclusive interview above to find out whether the band got a chance to catch up with Shelton at the festival and hear more about their own pranking days.

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