The Swon Brothers released their six-song EP Timeless in January to share with fans coming out to see them live on Carrie Underwood's Storyteller Tour. When Taste of Country caught up with the duo at the 2016 Taste of Country Music Festival in New York, they shared that more new music is on the way.

As Colton explains, on July 5 they'll hit the studio to record a brand new single, which is due out later this year.

"We released a brand new record, Timeless, just for the fans," he says. "It was an EP so we have to give you all the full shebang."

Zach says the new music will be "very manly."  "I would say it's rockin'. There's a lot of attitude in it but there's some really sweet stuff for the girls, too," he explains. "It's very manly."

Zach actually went to college with tourmate Underwood and he jokes that he may have tried to hit on her a time or two.

"She wasn't having it," he admits with a laugh. "She dated one of my friends, so she was off limits after that. In all seriousness, she's awesome. We're lucky to be out there."

Zach is single, and he shares that the band's pre-show ritual involves "praying for good looking ladies."

"We always start with a little prayer every show and then we scope out the ladies and I'm telling you, there's some good looking women here today," Colton adds.

The Swon Brothers will head back out on Underwood's Storyteller Tour this fall.

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