Jacob Davis

Jacob Davis' Daughter and Wife Inspire His Music
Jacob Davis misses his 1-year-old daughter while on the road but fortunately he hasn't missed any of those important "firsts." The "What I Wanna Be" singer recently called baby girl the best thing in the world while explaining how he keeps tabs while traveling.
New Songs on the Radio for March 2017
Spring is the time for new country artists to release their first new songs to the radio. That's the case for Taste of Country RISERS like Jacob Davis, plus newcomers like Carly Pearce and Lena Stone. But don't worry — the radiowaves will still be loaded with superstars!

Introducing Taste of Country's 2017 RISERS [Watch]
There are artists to watch, and then there are RISERS. Seven artists set to become stars in 2017 and beyond were revealed on Wednesday morning (March 1). It's a diverse list that includes solo males and females, and groups. Some you may know. Most you'll wish you met earlier.