Tara Thompson is extra busy these days. She's putting the finishing touches on her album, and she's getting ready to host the CMA Awards red carpet broadcast with Taste of Country Nights. She stopped by the studio to chat about what's to come.

Thompson says she "can't even believe" she's getting the opportunity to host the red carpet. She thinks it's extra cool since this year is the 50th anniversary. The only problem? She hasn't picked out her outfit yet!

"All I know is, don’t you dare put me in pink. I will not be wearing pink," she says adamantly. Thompson says she hasn't worn a dress in a while but she remembers that she "was not happy. It was one of those things where the wedding was over and I was immediately in my shorts and a T-shirt.”

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This is only Thompson's second time on a red carpet, and if we know the sassy singer, we just know she'll be great.

"I’m so excited. This is like a dream come true for me. I get to ask artists questions and I’m an artist. That’s so cool!" she says excitedly before adding that she really wants to meet Tim McGraw and Willie Nelson. You'll have to tune in to find out if we make either of those happen, though.

As far as her music is concerned, Thompson is hoping to drop a full album by spring of 2017. She's putting some finishing touches on it and getting it absolutely perfect for her fans.

"I’m almost done. I’m working on some final tweaks and adding some new songs. I just wanna put out the best songs I got instead of just putting it out there. I want it to be perfect. Hopefully that’ll come out soon, next year. 2017’s going to be my year! But we’re going out with a bang before.”

Tune in to the red carpet on Nov. 2 on Taste of Country to watch all the fun unfold -- live!

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