Tara Thompson’s “Someone To Take Your Place” is a country spitfire with surprising depth. The East Tennessean’s debut single swells with swagger by the final chorus. Any early insecurities are soon swimming in beer, perfume samples and innuendo.

There are a few eyebrow-raising lines in “Someone To Take Your Place,” but it’s nothing that hasn’t been said or implied by a man in country music before. The asides after lines like her plan for the wash machine add charm to an already infectious song. “Get your hand of my mmm-mmm / Wipe that grin off your face,” she sings during the chorus, leading one to wonder just how daring this ex-boyfriend was being. Of course, in the next verse she's asking the guy with the tattoos to find her mmm-mmm.

Thompson’s character is a hot mess you can't turn away from. Anyone over 21 has seen this girl, or maybe been on one side or the other of her wild night out. Well-placed details within the wordy two verses draw you in, but nothing about “Someone To Take Your Place” hits with so much weight that it hurts. The song is a country rom-com with no lingering guilt.

Listen to Tara Thompson, “Someone To Take Your Place”

Tara Thompson, “Someone To Take Your Place” Lyrics:

“I don't even own a pair of high heels / But I got these at Payless on my lunch break / My sister did this makeup / She calls it "Get-Over-Your-Breakup" / She said, Get out there and work it, girl / So I'm working it.”

“This ain't no drugstore perfume / I'm talking Chanel No. 5 / A little sample that I saved son from our prom night / I know this is a sports bar / You know I'm a fan of NASCAR / I'll have two Coronas / One for me and one for the hot girl I just turned into.”

“I came in here to get a man / And I know the man I want / Do you like the new me I am / Cause that's the one he's taking home / Get your hand of my mmm-mmm / Wipe that grin off your face / It ain't you I'm looking for / I'm looking for someone to take your place / Sorry.”

“I heard Brittany and your best friend finally called it quits / Has he still got that real good job / And that pretty Beamer / Do you know that guy shooting pool / That dragon tattoo's so cool / Hey, light my cigarette / I'm about to do things you won't forget.”

“I’m looking for someone to take your place / On the couch / On the bed / On the porch / In the truck / Hey, up on the Maytag / With some money / Who can kiss / Who can dance / Any chance you could find me a little ashtray.”

“I know you didn't uh-uh / Little boy, you're in my way / It ain't you I'm looking for / I'm looking for someone to take your place.”

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