Tara Thompson invited fans and Taste of Country on a Pedal Tavern tour of downtown Nashville, and then she suggested a game of Truth or Dare. It got a little wild, as you'll see in this video recap of a #MaytagMonday event filmed earlier this month.

The "Someone to Take Your Place" singer was dared to chug a beer, kiss a Marine and sing boy band music. Then she hopped off the tavern-mobile and onto a downtown honky-tonk stage for some impromptu karaoke.

Thompson may come from traditional country roots, but the girl knows pop and hip-hop, too. That probably came from seven years performing at Tootsies Orchid Lounge on Lower Broadway. The country spitfire was, and still is, a familiar face in the tourist area of town, and she showed her skills singing classic country and dirty hip-hop songs.

Taste of Country's Hilary Billings joined Thompson on the Pedal Tavern (and on stage). Before the tour began, the two talked about her time playing honky-tonks and how her #MaytagMonday series originated. Every Monday Thompson does a Facebook Live video with fans, answering questions and talking about her life as a rising country star. You can find her debut EP Someone to Take Your Place at iTunes. She's also taken the Grand Ole Opry stage on several occasions and was recently profiled by NPR's Morning Edition.

Watch Tara Thompson's Full Pedal Tavern Tour

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