'X Factor' winner Tate Stevens plays it safe with his debut country single. 'Power of a Love Song' is a soaring ballad that showcases his vocal talents -- Stevens is a truly fine vocalist -- but prevents him from revealing the slightest bit of personality to those who didn't watch the Fox television show. 

In short, this is just a very vanilla country power ballad. To his credit, Stevens sings the heck out of it. A larger sample size is needed before anyone calls the 37-year-old the next Kix Brooks, but he at least shows he's worthy of the Sony recording contract. Often an artist is paired with the wrong producer. That's not the case here, as 'Power of a Love Song' sounds like much of what you hear on the radio. Too much, actually.

"The power of a love song / Can make you believe / The power of a love song / It can change everything / It can right every wrong, help you hold on, even when all hope is gone," Stevens sings through the first chorus.

The verses are similarly nondescript: "It can take you back / To that first time / When you both looked in each other's eyes / You say I do / Then take her hand / Slowly start to sway for that dance."

Having won 'X Factor,' Stevens faces more scrutiny and pressure than most new artists. The song he played in the Pepsi commercial felt like a more honest representation of his style, but he makes the most of what he's given on 'Power of a Love Song,' a cut most major artists would pass on.

2 Stars

Listen to Tate Stevens, 'Power of a Love Song'