It was one of those nights! Taylor Swift brought '22' -- her bouncy, peppy, ode to youth -- to the 2013 Billboard Music Awards Sunday night (May 19) in fabulous and unexpected fashion.

She began her performance backstage in the dressing room, quickly advancing through the hallways surrounded by a troupe of dancers that followed her through the narrow nooks and crannies before heading up the steps to the arena stage to entertain the audience.

It was unpredictable -- a totally out-of-the-box and clever way to deliver a performance, proving that Swift is one of the best at her craft. Who starts off a performance in their dressing room? Only a creative artist with expanded vision and a true desire to entertain, right?

She also rode through the crowd on the back of a bicycle steered by a cute guy. Wearing high-waisted black hot pants and a sparkly blue T-shirt featuring a unicorn, the singer's performance embodied the pop song's essence of being young and carefree.

Her dancers -- there were a lot -- were a mixed bag of cute and cuddly boys next door and odd, masked characters who looked like mimes, dressed in colorful, trashbag-like ensembles.

Swift even got in on all that dancing fun, busting moves left and right. She was also the night's big winner, taking home just about every 2013 Billboard Music Award she was nominated for. The singer will return to her 2013 Red Tour on Tuesday with a show in Austin, Texas.