In addition to her powerhouse country music career, Taylor Swift has been slowly dipping her toe into the waters of acting. Most recently, she starred as the voice of Audrey in the Dr. Seuss film 'The Lorax,' but the blonde starlet has had a significant taste of the big screen in her young career. In 2010, she portrayed a high school student in love in the flick 'Valentine's Day.'

Swift doesn't deny the fact that she would love to get more involved in the realm of acting, and in fact talks about it a lot as of late, but she says she's being intentional about where she dives in.

"I’ve been reading scripts for about five years -- just kind of under the radar, asking my agents to please send me everything that might be good," she tells Inquirer Entertainment. "When I look at acting careers that I really admire, I see that it’s been a precise decision-making process for these people. They make decisions based on what they love and they do only the things that they are passionate about. They play only characters that they can’t stop thinking about."

Some of Swift's acting muses are her best friend Emma Stone and 'The Hunger Games' star Jennifer Lawrence, also adding Daniel Day-Lewis and Will Smith to the list. Of Smith specifically, Swift says, "He's made such brilliant decisions. He's so charismatic."

While many of her fans may not know this, Swift says she actually started out her career in acting, not music. "When I was growing up in Pennsylvania, auditioning for Broadway was my dream," she dishes. "I went to several auditions in New York. I was always going there for vocal and acting lessons … and for auditions, where you stand in line in a long hallway with a lot of people. (I’ve always been freakishly tall, like a giant.) After a few years of auditioning in New York and not getting anything, I started writing songs. But I never lost my love for theater."

While the 'Ours' singer can be somewhat glad the acting career didn't pan out since it drove her to what has become an internationally celebrated singing career, Swift doesn't have to give up her acting dreams for good. And with best friends like Stone, maybe she'll pick up some tips along the way.

"We’ve been best friends since we were 17," she says of 'The Help' star, explaining what they do when they get together. "I cook and Emma bakes. Those are our specialties. We just talk about our lives. That’s how I feel when I’m with friends that I’ve had for years. Those are the people that I can just rant to. These are the people who know me the best. It’s crazy with all of my friends having such busy schedules and me always being gone. When you do see your friends, you value the time with them."

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