Who knew Taylor Swift had any interest in beatboxing? She shows off her attempt in the latest 30-second Grammys promo spot released, leading up to music's biggest night, which takes place Sunday, Feb. 12. While previous spots have seen Swift playfully bantering and delightfully bickering with rapper and Grammy host LL Cool J, this one shows the unlikely pair having a good time beatboxing. It's a duet of sorts.

At first, an in awe Swift watches LL as he beatboxes, and then she gets into her own rhythm and groove, dropping a few "boom chicka bow wow" lines during her try. Both she and LL break into a chorus of giggles and he stumbles out of the shot. You can hear him laughing and saying "I love it" off camera. Swift and LL clearly had fun filming this one.

Once again, may we humbly suggest that the Grammys recruit Swift as a co-host? She has great comedic chemistry with LL Cool J. Maybe next year?

Watch Taylor Swift Beatbox With LL Cool J in Grammys Commercial