Being a world famous superstar has its perks and its downfalls. Taylor Swift knows this firsthand; it seems that she can't even look at a guy without rumors swirling -- even if the sparks aren't flying. 

After the 2013 Toronto Film Festival, Swift chatted it up with Australian actor Brenton Thwaites. And from that very first connection, dating rumors hit the media. But Thwaites wanted to set the record straight, squashing the allegedly false information instantly.

“He was with a group of about eight people at Bar Masa in NYC on Wednesday night,” a source tells Life & Style. "At one point, after dinner, I heard someone ask him about hanging out with Taylor at Soho House two nights ago in Toronto and he said, ‘I took one photo with the girl! I mean, we were hanging out all night, but now suddenly she’s my girlfriend!’"

Yep, one photo can lead to lots and lots of speculation, as Thwaites is now experiencing. Swift, on the other hand, has been in this position numerous times before, with football star Tim Tebow, her pal Zac Efron and many other potential (yet very inaccurate) romances, such as with fellow musician Ed Sheeran. In fact, she opened up to Vanity Fair last April, explaining that dating rumors start with something as simple as hugging another guy, grabbing a quick lunch, or co-writing.

While every tabloid would love for Swift's love life to heat up, it won't be with Thwaites. "He said he was actually dating someone else!" the source reveals. "And [he] even said he’d be bringing her out on the carpet sometime soon.”