Taylor Swift is emotionally empowered by the support of all of her fans, but when it comes to kids with cancer, she's especially touched. In a new sit-down interview with the 'Love Story' hitmaker conducted by YouTube, trends manager Kevin Allocca relayed a variety of questions submitted by fans, one of which caused Swift to tear up while sharing a sad story.

When Allocca read the question "Has a fan ever made you cry?", Swift held her breath as she struggled to find the words. "Yeah ... you know, for me, it's never going to be OK, no matter how many times I see little kids with cancer," she said. "At no point do you ever become accustomed to it. At no point do you ever just brush it off and say, 'Oh well, there's another kid who's dying.'"

She continued slowly, her voice now trembling: "Over the years, I’ve toured in these places and you see a little girl who’ll come through and she’s so full of life but she’s lost her hair. And then you come through a year later and you’re like ‘Hey Lexi, how are you doing?!’ And she’s like ‘Oh, I’m doing good!’ And her parents update you. Then you come through a year and a half later … and she’s not there."

The 'Sparks Fly' singer trailed off while talking, but the way that she hung her head down and held back tears thinking about that little girl shows that some fans really make a lasting impression on her.

Taylor Swift Talks About Meeting Kids With Cancer in YouTube Interview (Around 20:00)