Taylor Swift is notoriously genuine and honest, which makes her an easy target, especially for comedians like Ellen DeGeneres. The sweet and innocent 'Love Story' singer sat down for a "serious" (read: seriously hilarious) interview on Tuesday's 'Ellen,' where she was prodded by the hostess to spill on everything from her relationships, to her prison stay to her real last name (it's Swift).

DeGeneres did her best to embarrass the 21-year-old superstar, who she called her "protege," by forcing her through a silly vocal warm-up before gifting her with an ice sculpture of a swan. Onstage at the Los Angeles Staples Center, Swift rehearsed Jason Mraz's 'I'm Yours,' which she performed with Mraz himself later that night. While the pop-country songstress practiced, DeGeneres accompanied (interrupted) the tune with out-there instruments like a blow jug, a washboard and an accordion, which really added to the comedic awkwardness of the Swift segment.

Finally, the 'Ellen' host was able to convince Swift to sit down for a very serious interview. The 'Mean' hitmaker revealed that if she could pick anyone, she would like to be dating "nobody," and that the last person she laid lips on was an 8-year-old kid in the audience -- though it was just on the cheek.

DeGeneres, who insisted that she too used to date Taylor Lautner, asked Swift about her stay behind bars. Of course, she's never been to prison, but Ellen joked that she was thinking of her questions for rapper T.I. Swift was visibly uncomfortable during the interview, though we're pretty sure she was acting ... and how she kept a straight face, we'll never know.

Later in the show, DeGeneres shared another clip of herself onstage with Swift, this time in front of the crowd to perform 'Our Song' on the triangle. Swift's Speak Now Tour continues through November in the U.S., with the next set of shows lined up for September 16 and 17 in her hometown of Nashville, Tenn.

Watch Ellen DeGeneres Ask Taylor Swift Some Difficult Questions

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