It seems like everyone loves a good Taylor Swift love interest rumor. Judging by how much gossip surfaces about her affections on the internet, someone has to be getting some joy out of this. The latest buzz to hit the web is that the country cutie might be tied to Foster the People singer Mark Foster.

Reportedly, the two music superstars were seen sharing an intimate lunch together at King's Road Cafe in Los Angeles last week. After eating, the 'Mean' hitmaker left the restaurant -- in a big, not suspicious sun hat -- and Foster stayed behind to pick up the tab. Most likely, she was leaving to avoid all the cameras.

It's hard to say if there's really a love connection here. After all, so far this year gossip columnists have linked Swift to Tim Tebow, Zac Efron and One Direction singer Harry Styles. But none of those 'relationships' have actually panned out. Plus, the 'Safe & Sound' singer hit the red carpet solo at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night (looking smashing in a red chiffon dress, might we add). Of course, she didn't need a man on her arm to  pick up the Woman of the Year award.

It's hard to say what's going on between the Foster the People singer and the country music sensation -- if anything. But we know one thing for sure: That's a duet we'd love to hear!