Taylor Swift enjoyed a four-night stand at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles this past week, and she made sure that her stage was filled with guests, like singer Justin Bieber. During the last show of her L.A. run, she also had her old friend Ellen DeGeneres come by to join her onstage. The same went for colorful rap diva Nicki Minaj, of whom she is a fan.

Swift was mid-performance at the final show of her "residency" on Sunday, Aug. 28 when DeGeneres -- with her standard uniform of jeans, vest and sneakers -- showed up on the stage. "People end up on our stage," Swift, wearing a frilly white dress, joked. "This has been happening a lot this week, but you're here now, huh?"

Swift then instructed DeGeneres to tell the crowd who she is, as if the queen of daytime talk TV (now that Oprah is off the air) needed an introduction! Swift asked DeGeneres if she plays an instrument, and next thing you know, our gal Ellen was sitting on the makeshift porch, at Swift's feet, with a bongo and a triangle. Swift began playing her banjo and launched into 'Our Song.' Eventually, Swift, DeGeneres and a fiddle player got up, danced and played their instruments closer to the crowd. They returned to the porch, where Ellen took her rightful place amidst Swift's porch-bound players.

DeGeneres tweeted about their duet after the fact. She wrote: "Just got off the stage with @TaylorSwift13 at Staples Center. Our song is now "Our Song". #taylorswift."

Rap queen Nicki Minaj performed her Swift-approved hit 'Super Bass' at Sunday night's show, as well. Minaj had a busy night, accepting the award for Best Hip-Hop Video at the VMAs before heading over to the Staples Center to perform with Swift.

Swift descended the stage staircase and converged with Minaj at the foot. It was three minutes of two colorful blondes having a great time in front of thousands of screaming fans. While Nicki rapped, Taylor danced and then offered a vocal assist on the chorus.

It was quite the girl power duet. Maybe her former nemesis Kayne West will acknowledge that Swift can rap! The ladies were shaking their behinds, and when the performance was over, they put their arms around each other and hugged.

Swift tweeted about the onstage fireworks that occurred between herself and Minaj, writing: "The combination of the INSANE crowd tonight and @NICKIMINAJ joining me onstage for "Superbass" = #IwishthatIcouldhavethismoment4life."

Fans were undoubtedly delighted by these two extra special guests.

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