We're surprised it has taken so long, but Taylor Swift finally got the Funny or Die treatment. For her installment, the folks behind the video spoofs filmed a man wearing a blonde wig while he sang his version of a Swift love song.

It's not hard to figure out who he's impersonating in this video. With a red dress, red lipstick, blonde hair and forlorn lyrics about a love lost, this one is a no-brainer.

The video kicks off with Swift's persona strumming a guitar and singing lyrics like: "You were you" and "You were a boy / I was a girl" over and over again. From there, it transitions into: "You'll never know my heart / like my heart knows my heart / You'll never know my heart / like my heart knows me" and "Life won't always be glitter and ribs."

The song, called 'Glitter and Ribs' (a stab at country music?) attempts to follow the tenants of Swift's writing style. As the story goes, a boy and a girl met at a barbecue, but along with grilled burgers, he served her a "side of fibs and a lie." Just like you'd expect, they break up, and Swift is left wondering why life can't be fair.

The 'Glitter and Ribs' video also features classic shots of Swift's doppleganger looking depressed while sitting on top of a bed, singing in front of a fountain and prancing around in the middle of a backyard party.

Looks like Funny or Die cracked the code for this one, but we have a feeling that Swift's fans might not be very amused. But like the saying goes, "life won't always be glitter and ribs." Or something like that.