While Taylor Swift may be between albums, the singer has found a way to bring a new experience to her fans by recording a live CD and DVD from her 2011 Speak Now Tour. Swift announced this week that the project will be in stores on November 21, but it's available for pre-order now.

Swift breaks the news in a video below that hopefully sets the pace for the type of backstage footage fans will get on the DVD. As she's walking and talking, she describes how she's about to crawl beneath the stage to an elevator that will lift her up for the opening number. Then we see her hunched down as the elevator slowly pushes her up.

Officially, the project only promises a complete concert experience "showcasing performances of all 17 songs from Taylor’s Speak Now show."

The CD is the first live album released by Swift, although she's previously released two live EPs and a DVD of her performance with Def Leppard on 'CMT Crossroads.' It promises 75 minutes of live music from the show including "favorites from the Speak Now album." The whole package is on pre-sale now for $19.99.

The Speak Now Tour runs through November 22 before beginning again in March 2012 with stops in New Zealand and Australia.

Watch Taylor Swift Announce New Tour CD/DVD