Taylor Swift, a self-proclaimed cat lady, shared an especially cute meme of her famed cat Meredith on Twitter, proving that her kitty is not only cute, but she's hilarious, too.

"Found her sleeping like this. No idea how she didn't suffocate on her own fur," the superstar tweeted.

The pic shows Meredith with her face buried in her tummy while she stacks some Zs. Hey, if you've got it, use it.

Swift named the cat after Meredith Grey, which is Ellen Pompeo's character on 'Grey's Anatomy.' The songstress has gushed about her furry pal many times, saying that she is "friendly and fun" and doesn't do "weird" things like hide under furniture (this being the exception). Miss Meredith also has a strong constitution and handles life on the road well, since "she doesn't ever get freaked out."

We're glad Taylor has a sense of humor about her fun and furry BFF. Even if you're not a crazy cat lady, you have to admit that the Meredith meme is cute.