"The inspiration for this video comes from a lot of different times that I've tried to do things other than music," Taylor Swift explains at the start of the latest behind-the-scenes segment from her 'Ours' video, seen below. "And, you know, if you get kind of funneled into a job that isn't what you love doing, you end up like this a lot," she adds, resting her head on her hand to signify the complete exasperation that comes along with a job that really feels like a job.

While the singer has been lucky enough to carve a career out of what she loves to do at an early age, not everyone is so fortunate. Even 'Ours' director Declan Whitebloom had to pay his dues at a mind-numbing office job. "In my personal life, I've worked in some very, very dreary offices, so I can relate to this perfectly," he remarks.

"It's a very, very common tale: You hate your job, whether it's in an office or in a field," Whitebloom continues, with Swift finishing his thought: "Whether that's taking classes in school that you're not passionate about or taking summer jobs that absolutely are nothing like what you want to do with your life."

"It's that feeling that makes people want to escape on the weekend," Swift adds. "It's that feeling that makes people rush home to see their family and hug their kids because that's what they live for."

Stay tuned to Taste of Country for the remainder of Swift's making of 'Ours' series, which will include a total of 13 webisodes from the set of her new music video.

Watch the Taylor Swift Behind-the-Scenes 'Ours' Clip - Webisode Nine


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