Taylor Swift is one of the biggest artists in country music, but the singer hangs out with her fair share of pop stars. During a recent chat with US99.5, Swift was pressed for details about her good friend Selena Gomez's relationship with teen idol Justin Bieber. Swift remained mum, like any good gal pal worth her salt would. "I can't tell you that," Swift said when asked to dish. "I can't talk about my friends behind their backs on the radio."

Swift also claimed that she is "so happy" when on the road, simply because of the love the fans bestow upon her. "It reminds me on a nightly basis like how incredibly lucky I am to hear the sound of all those screaming people at once," Swift said.

She also revealed that she has had a few days off in a row on the Speak Now World Tour, which she said "is a lot for me." When she has free time, she parks in front of the TV for six-hour marathons of 'Law & Order: SVU." Swift is such a diehard fan of the crime procedural that she even offered up her impression of actor/rapper Ice-T. In fact, Swift rattled off a word-for-word monologue in Ice-T's dialect, too. She explained, "He is my favorite character. I love him."

We believe you, Taylor.

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