Taylor Swift would never ever get a tattoo... like, ever. Trust us -- we asked. In an exclusive interview with Taste of Country, the 'Begin Again' hitmaker admitted that while she had a lot of fun writing different lyrics on her arm each night during her Speak Now Tour (see them all here), she could never actually commit to permanent ink.

"I have written lyrics on my arm for the last tour, and it was really a fun thing to do because it could be a song I'd never heard before… It could be a song that somebody just said, 'Oh here, I really like this one line in this one song,' you know, in the dressing room before I'd go on, and I'd just write it on my arm!" Swift explains.

"And for me, people are always asking, 'Would you get a tattoo?' And I just… I don't think I could ever commit. I don't think I could ever commit to something permanent," she insists, grinning.

But if the 22-year-old crossover superstar were to ever get a tattoo, she knows what she would get -- her lucky number. "So I think, no… I just… I couldn't," she concludes. "If I was going to get something, it would be a 13, but I just, ugh [shuddering] -- I don't want to get a tattoo."

In all honesty, we don't blame her, because once the ink is on, it's on. And what if it ended up like this worst Taylor Swift fan tattoo ever?

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