Taylor Swift premiered her brand-new 'The Story of Us' video on MTV tonight, just before participating in a live chat with her fans.

The story begins as Swift opens 'The Story of Us' book to Chapter 1 and starts in on a tale about love lost. In the first few takes, a geeky, nerd-chic Swift and her love interest are wrapped in each other's every move, totally lusting in the Vanderbilt library. But as relationships often do, theirs quickly goes downhill.

A very distressed Swift sings about the pain she feels as the pair tries to pretend not to notice each other in the same crowded study room, while she tugs at her hair and screams out the lyrics to her life among the books. The broken couple's fellow students -- played by Swift's band members, dancers, and back-up singers -- have no idea that a life story is unfolding around them.

Eventually, Swift catches the eye of her leading man and shoots him a small, awkward wave, which gets him out of his seat to greet her. As they come together, everyone in the library throws their study papers into the air, creating a confetti effect like a party ... though in the end, the 'Love Story' hitmaker and her main squeeze decide to part ways.

While it depicts a love story, as many of Swift's song/video combos do, 'The Story of Us' video sets a more somber mood with a mature Taylor Swift and less bright colors. Oh, and our heroine doesn't get her guy in the end -- but it's OK, because everybody loves an underdog tale.

Watch the Taylor Swift 'The Story of Us' Video