Taylor Swift is really getting into the spirit of the holidays with her latest visit to a Kansas City Chiefs game. After watching her boyfriend Travis Kelce take on the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on Sunday (Dec. 17), the singer made her way to the venue's kitchen to tip the staff.

She was spotted handing out $100 bills to each to the food runners who served the suites during the game.

In the posted posted to TikTok, Swift appears to be popping her head into the kitchen with a coffee cup in her hand. She has several bills in her hand, and she can be seen handing one to a staff member. That note very clearly is a $100 bill.

A post from TikTok user Jessica Golich has gone viral, with hundreds of thousands of likes. Golich offers a little backstory and her opinion of the moment in a green screen clip.

"Taylor went into the kitchen and handed out cash tips to the food runners for her suite," she says. "It isn't even about the money. It's just that she is always showing — in many different ways — that she's a solid human being."

It's not the first time Swift has been so generous with the people who take care of her.

In August, People reported that the pop star gave her Eras Tour crew big bonuses: She handed out more than $55 million total to her riggers, sound technicians, dancers, caterers and more. She also gave each of her drivers $100,000 bonuses.

It's no surprise Swift wanted to reward those who made the Eras Tour happen — the tour just set a Guinness World Record after becoming the highest-grossing music tour ever. The trek is officially the first to bring in more than $1 billion in revenue. It will continue in 2024.

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