A little boy fighting a big battle got a much-needed pick-me-up over the weekend in the form of a visit from his favorite singer, Taylor Swift.

Swift stopped by the Boston's Children's Hospital to spend some time with 6-year-old Jordan Lee Nickerson, who has been diagnosed with Williams Syndrome, which is a disease that can cause both physical and developmental disabilities. Jordan bravely faced open heart surgery at 18 months old, but just last month, he was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Jordan received another round of chemotherapy after Swift left his hospital room, but while the worldwide superstar was there, she was able to take his mind off of his sickness with her music ... and a little air hockey! Jordan even got to choose the song he wanted Swift to sing just for him.

"I know you love to sing songs for people," he tells her in the video above.

"I do but I want to sing a song for you more than all the other people," Swift responds. Jordan's excitement is already obvious before he smiles and tells her to "Just do it."

His request? 'The Oh Song.' While Swift wasn't sure exactly what that meant, she was dedicated to keeping him smiling with some music, listing off some of her hits including '22' and 'Love Story' -- but Jordan's next request was even more adorable.

"[I want you to play] your favorite song," he says, beaming at his favorite singer. As soon as Swift hits the first few chords of 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,' the little boy shrieks happily in agreement, "Yes! That song!"

Jordan gets comfortable and starts to dance alongside Swift while she sings the song's chorus, before he chimes in with her. They ended the song in harmony while Jordan danced in his Spiderman t-shirt.

The small crowd outside of Jordan's hospital room clapped for the singer as she embraced the little boy, who asked Swift to play just one more song. A post from his parents on Jordan's Brave Page on Facebook reveals the day was a success: "She's an amazing person that brightened our sunshines day!!!"