Terri Clark's new single finds the singer in a familiar place. While 'The One' is amongst the more personal lyrics Clark has delivered, the production is rather unremarkable. A few will love it, very few hate will it, and most will just sort of shrug their shoulders and move on.

"I hear the whispers as I walk by / They always start with bless her heart / She's still single and that's such an empty life / She must not be looking all that hard," Clark sings during the promising first verse. 'Roots and Wings' isn't the first album she's released since her 2007 divorce, but it's clear this song is influenced by the aftermath. It's a clever idea, as her message will resonate with women young and old.

Clark's sincerity is undeniable, but this story has been told in a similar fashion many times before. The chorus goes, "I want fireworks to paint the sky and kiss to burn my lips / I wanna feel a touch that pounds my heart down to my fingertips / Twenty years from now it still it won't be as good as it will get / It might be a lot to ask for but I won't take any less / Just because I won't settle don't mean I won't settle down / I don't need a love that I can live with / I want the one I can't live without."

Songwriters Tom Shapiro and Jim Collins have worked with Clark to construct a solid song, but it's rather beige. That's a good place to be if you're vinyl siding, but not if you're a talented artist still hoping to stand out in the crowd.

3 Stars

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