For the past 35 years, David and Howard Bellamy -- the Bellamy Brothers -- have taken pride in spending as much time overseas touring, as they do here in the states. Come this summer, the Bellamys once again will pack up for an extended international tour, which will cover Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Bulgaria and Germany.

"Our international career has been a phenomenal blessing," says David Bellamy. "When we started the band over three decades ago, we never anticipated having such an amazing global reach." (We're guessing they never imagined having a legal battle with a pop singer such as Britney Spears, either..)

In addition to their 2011 international tour, the Brothers will also launch a second leg in 2012. Of course, they'll also be doing plenty of stateside shows as well, you can get all the latest date and venue information from their official site.

"We feel very fortunate for our international following," says Howard Bellamy. "Our foreign fans have been so loyal over the years, and every tour has been a memorable experience, even though we suffer from a chronic case of jet lag!"

The Bellamy Brothers 2011 International Tour Dates:

7/29 - Kristiansan, Norway
7/30 - Egersund, Norway
8/1 - Dalhalla, Sweden
9/23-24 - Schuphart, Switzerland
9/27 - Copenhagen, Denmark
9/30 - Sophia, Bulgaria
11/18 - Regensburg, Germany

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