Given that they've just released their second gospel album, one would think the Bellamy Brothers would be winding things down on their work load. But that isn't the case. The brothers are quietly chipping away at recording even more new tunes, as well as penning their first autobiography, which they are hoping to finish by this time next year.

"It’s about our career and our family, basically," David Bellamy to Taste of Country of the book. "Our family was bizarre, in a good way. It was crazy, but it was always kind of fun and positive and uplifting at the same time, even though it was completely crazy sometimes. It’s just about all of that stuff. It’s stories about that and stories about our career. Our career has been interesting. It’s been a roller coaster."

"There’s a lot that people don’t know about our career because our life hasn’t been a reality show," adds Howard Bellamy. "When we came up, you hid your problems; you didn’t expose them. We would smile through them. People think of us as good time guys, and that’s the way we wanted it to be. They don’t think that we ever had a problem in our life, which is kind of the way we intended, but now we’re going to tell the truth [laughs]!"

But don't expect the Bellamys to lose sight of the music anytime soon. "We record all the time," says David. "In fact, during putting this last album together, we did two European projects. We’re actually working on a couple more European projects and another studio album for here as well, to release within a year and a half or so."

With over 30 years of making music under their belts, the 'If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me' and 'Redneck Girl' singing duo realize it's a completely different ballgame these days in country music. Still, they continue to have the drive that it takes to remain as some of the genre's most-loved living legends.

"I think what we would really like to do most is to write and record the music," David says of the Bellamys' future. "Obviously music has changed for us over the years because you don’t have the radio outlets that you did when you were younger. But our music finds a niche and it finds our audiences, whatever we do. I think that’s really what’s most important to us … to keep on writing and recording music because that’s our passion."

"I think the older we get, the more of an example we try to be than we were in our younger days," echos Howard. "I think it’s been an incredible ride. We’ve been fortunate, and we’ve seen so many things. Now, in our latter days, we’ve seen so much that we’ve gotten to the point where we can share a lot of our music that we want to record because we don’t have a record label telling us that we can’t. We know our fans. They’ve put up with us for years and they expect anything out of us. We’ve always thrown them a curve over the years. They expect us to do anything, and we like to surprise you."

Fans can pick up the Bellamy Brothers' latest album, 'Pray for Me,' in stores now.

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