Last summer, the Cadillac Three told Taste of Country they had one ballad on their album. “White Lightning” is it, and it barely qualifies.

“White Lightning” is a power ballad with the emphasis on power. Singer Jaren Johnston is the convincing balladeer you’d expect, given his sensitive songwriting catalog. The song is about how quick he fell for a girl.

She stole my heart …” he cries out. The rest of the song is metaphor after metaphor. There are some pretty witty comparisons, including a few that will roll off the back of a city boy or a suburban boy.

“Faster than a heat seekin’ missile on a mission / Faster than a bass to the hook when daddy's fishin’ / Faster than a walnut rolls off a hen house / Faster than a whiskey shot goes down down south,” Johnston sings. Don’t feel guilty if you just considering tweeting “TIL a walnut rolls off a hen house faster than other nuts. #WhiteLightning"

Others are more easily understood by all. “Faster than number three breakin’ every record / Faster than a tree dies in the desert / Faster than that bug splattered on my windshield / Faster than you die when you take too many pills.

The sound this three-piece generates is impressive. “White Lightning builds and builds until Johnston is shouting like Chris Robinson.

“That’s what love is supposed to feel like,” he sings, relaxing after the climax. “I said, ooh, I saw white lightning / I said, ooh, I saw white lightning.”

The song sort of makes you want to grab a cigarette.

Why Fans Will Love It: "White Lightning" is a love song that doesn't try to get you to cry.

Key Lyrics: "Alabama moonshine intoxicating this old heart / Holdin’ a metal umbrella when the storm started / Oh that's what love's supposed to feel like.'

Did You Know?: The Cadillac Three are Nashville born and raised.

Listen to the Cadillac Three, “White Lightning”

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