If one senses the crackling of symbolic flames amongst the lyrics of husband-wife country duo the Dryes' new single “House on Fire,” it’s because there were many.

“We had a fight the night before,” explains Katelyn Drye about the song, which exclusively premieres Thursday (Feb. 9) on Taste of Country. “The lyrics in the song just came out in conversation in the room that day.”

“I think this song is as real as it gets for us,” adds Derek Drye of the song, which gives listeners an insightful look into the highs and lows of marriage.

And as the disagreement continued to fester, the two decided to create a demo of the song that continued to play out in their heads.

“The vocal is the same one from the demo,” says Katelyn of the song that she and Derek co-wrote alongside Brian Elmquist and Jacob Sooter. “We couldn’t recreate the moment. Believe me, we tried. A few honest tears came, too, after we recorded the demo. We knew it was a song we’d tell our kids about one day.”

The honesty and vulnerability that comes when something personal finds its way into one’s professional life is something that continues to serve as quite an intriguing piece of the Dryes' overall story, which began in 2008 when the pair first met and started playing music together.

From that moment on, sparks flew.

And they continue to do so, especially on “House on Fire.”

“It’s sexy because, as much as I think I have her figured out, there always seems to be a depth to her that I long for,” Derek admits.

"House on Fire" serves as a follow-up and a middle ground between the Dryes' previous songs, including the powerful “War," the light-hearted “Dolly Would” and the gorgeous "White's Creek."

“Some of us find it at different times, I realize. Sometimes not at all, and I’m grateful we’ve been able to."

It's a vantage point that now gives the Dryes quite the emotional well to pull from creatively.

"We’re fortunate to be standing here together," adds Derek. "It takes looking back to remember, instead of arguing about the things we have, that we now have the things we once prayed for.”

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