The Voice season 16 Battle Rounds continue this week, with Monday (Apr.1) ushering in another fun night of the coaches pitting their team members against each other in epic duets—and training them with the help of celebrity advisors.

Team Blake Shelton enlisted Brooks & Dunn to help groom the hopefuls, and with the first Shelton battle of the night this was a welcome and easy exercise for the iconic duo, given that both Dexter Roberts and Dalton Dover are solidly country and big fans of the B&D catalog.

That said, after what appeared to be a seamless round of rehearsals, Shelton knew he had a difficult decision ahead of him—but, all businesslike, he coolly noted that both singers "have a place on radio right now."

He also sagely observed, "I gave 'em 'Hurricane' by Luke Combs because these guys want to prove themselves as ready to be in the industry right now, and there's no better song than a song by Luke Combs. He's as current and popular as they get right now."

Shelton elaborated a bit on both artists before they took the stage: "Dexter just has this believability to his voice that it's just hard not to fall in love with it when you hear him sing. Dalton has this range that I think is a little bit shocking. And I need to figure out which one of those is the one that I'm gonna move forward."

Roberts, a blue-collar laborer who dropped out of high school to get married and start a family, has had career ambitions in the music industry for some time. However, they were put on hold by a case of Rocky Mountain spotted tick fever, and he reminded the audience that his future had been looking bleak for some time.

"For a while, I didn't know if I was gonna die. It was very crazy. I didn't know if I was gonna ever sing again," he recalled. Although he's grateful for his current job which allows him to care for his family, "I went through a lot to be here. The blind audition was my big return to music. This is a career that I want. I love music, and I'm gonna bust my butt to get to the top."

Dover didn't have the same heart-gripping story, but he did have an impressive vocal range which made things difficult for Shelton after observing their battle collaborating on the Combs song.

"This moment is gonna suck for me. It literally is sucky," griped Shelton. "You guys did everything you could do, and that's all I can ask as a coach. We changed things, we took out harmonies, we had harmonies. At the end of the day, I think you stayed out of each other's way and allowed me to really hear clearly each of you sing individually."

In the end? Probably not a surprise: He chose Roberts. Although admitting Dover has a bigger range, “He hasn’t mastered control yet,” Shelton observed.

Nobody stole Dover, unfortunately, but Roberts was happy enough to make up for it all. "I'm one step closer to making music my full-time thing, and it's a dream come true," he enthused.

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