On last night's (Dec. 3) live performance episode of 'The Voice,' it was suggested that Blake Shelton has the strongest team. His fellow coach Christina Aguilera said it out loud, and well, we're inclined to agree. Shelton has the two strongest competitors left in Season 3, and he's essentially fighting himself. Not a bad place to be in when you are working with people vying for record deals, that's for sure.

Each singer was asked to perform two songs: one selected by their coach and one of their own choosing. Here's how Team Blake shook out and how his team members did.

Cassadee Pope:

Shelton selected Rascal Flatts' 'Stand' for her. She took the country trio's song and gave it a pop-rock makeover. In essence, she Cassadee Pope-d it. We think that Gary LeVox and co. would approve! Pope looked young and edgy -and modern- in her metallic leggings, too. Her coach commented that she made the song her own, which wasn't easy to do.

For her personal choice, Pope performed Avril Lavigne's ''I'm With You,' which is one of her favorite songs. She wore a metallic gown, and delivered a spot on version of the song. It was pretty much flawless, and both songs demonstrated Pope's range. Shelton said that you can't teach a singer how to tell a song and that's an innate quality that Pope has as a singer and that she was born with it.

Terry McDermott:

The Scottish rocker and fan favorite first served up a ballad with Foreigner's 'I Want to Know What Love Is.' His performance was so wonderful that Aguilera was compelled to declare that Shelton has the strongest team left. All of her team members have been eliminated, so Xtina is firmly Team Blake. Shelton said that he loved how effortless McDermott's performances are. He has always been on point with his classic rock renditions and this performance was no different.

For his second song, McDermott went with 'Stay With Me' by The Face. The leather jacket-wearing rocker showed that he is the most consistent singer in the competition. He can sing until the lights go out.

"There is something that has been mentioned over again about you, and it is the laser pitch that you combine with passion," Shelton gushed. "When you first start singing, it's like, 'In that key? There is no way in hell he can do that!' But you push it to the next level and make it seem easy. That's the mark of a star."

Poor Blake Shelton. He has two of the strongest performers left in the competition. He's got it tough.

Tune in tonight (Dec. 4) to find out if Pope and McDermott continue to rep Team Blake.

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