The Voice is preparing to return to television for Season 19, and from the look of a sneak preview NBC has released in advance of the premiere, the new season is shaping up to be phenomenal.

In the clip below, The Voice coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani and John Legend are blown away by the very first blind audition of the new season, which is slated to premiere on Monday (Oct. 19) on NBC. A 30-year-old singer named Tamara Jade wows all four judges with her stunning rendition of Lizzo's "Cuz I Love You," getting Clarkson and Legend to turn their chairs around after just the opening phrase.

They enjoy Jade's performance in a very animated fashion, while Stefani and Shelton both take the time to listen more intently. Stefani is next to turn her chair after a particularly impressive high note, followed shortly by Shelton, kicking the new season off with a rare four-chair turn.

The coaches proceed to rave about Jade and make their cases for why she should join their teams, with Clarkson noting that she was the first person to turn her chair "from the first note, because you are incredible."

Clarkson goes on to predict that Jade will be in the finale, saying she's an inspiration.

"That's why this is called The Voice," Clarkson states. "You want someone that really moves everyone. And that's you."

Shelton admits that while he was the last coach to turn his chair, "The choruses were so over-the-top incredible that I finally said screw it."

He allows that while "artist to artist, this makes zero sense" for her to pick him, "coach to artist, I think it makes perfect sense," adding that he'll always be honest with her because he wants to see her go as far as she can.

"I, in my heart, think you can win this thing," Shelton tells Jade.

Legend and Stefani also lay out their arguments, with Jade bantering back and forth easily with all of the celebrity coaches. Find out which team she'll represent during Season 19 of The Voice when the show premieres on Monday night at 8PM ET on NBC.

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