Guess which childless, non-morning person drew the short straw in today's editorial meeting? Let's talk about 'England Swings,' Keith Urban's new collaboration with the world's favorite kid-friendly singing sensation, the always chipper, frequently whistling Wiggles!

The song will appear on the Wiggles' upcoming album 'Let's Eat!' As for Urban, well, he's clearly attempting to curry future favor with the two children he's spawned with wife Nicole Kidman. So, like a good father, he joins his fellow Australians in performing a really happy, piano-based version of Roger Miller's classic 1965 singalong.

You all know the words, right?: "England swings like a pendulum do / Bobbies on bicycles two by two / Westminster Abbey the tower of Big Ben / The rosy red cheeks of the little children."

Why are a bunch of grown men from down under singing so happily to children about London, the capital of the country that used their homeland as a gigantic prison a few hundred years ago? Who can say. Maybe to teach the next generation about forgiveness.

What it's taught us, on this previously quiet morning, is to respect all those parents whose car radios have been taken over by this forced cheer.

'Let's Eat!' comes out on Feb. 1, and you can be sure a big tour with arenas full of delightedly screaming preschool kids will follow soon. Expect a slightly older but equally packed turnout at Urban's own Get Closer headlining tour, which hits America on June 16 in Biloxi, Miss.

Listen to the Wiggles Feat. Keith Urban, 'England Swings'