Thomas Rhett's hectic schedule could be compared to a three-ring circus. In addition to juggling the release of a highly anticipated album, Rhett is adapting to life as a father and learning to raise two girls, Willa Gray and Ada James.

Rhett and his wife Lauren adopted nearly-2-year-old Willa from Africa in May of 2017, and they've learned that she's all about music. The "Craving You" singer reveals that the second Willa hears a catchy drum beat, she's up and dancing or spinning around the room in circles. But what's even more special is that Willa recognizes her dad's voice on the radio.

"We'll be riding in the car and 'Unforgettable' will come on the radio and she'll go 'Daddy, daddy, daddy?'" Rhett tells Taste of Country and other media. "And so I think she knows the sound of my voice enough to even where she hears it in a song, she can pick out that that's a song that I sing."

Meet Baby Ada James Akins

And the toddler actually even has a favorite song off her father's new album, Life Changes"She loves the song 'Leave Right Now' and it's probably because it has such an intense beat," the singer says of the EDM-infused track. "Bruno Mars is her favorite, she loves dance music in general, and so I think that's her favorite on the record."

The Akins family got a double dose of joy when Lauren gave birth to their second daughter Ada James on Aug. 12. Willa has been a precious big sister, wanting to hold the newborn and even rock her at times. "It's pretty amazing. I think that they're so close in age they're going to be really close as they get older," Rhett says. "It's pretty insane, just with all the emotions of adopting a child and wondering when the process was going to be over and then finally getting her home and then literally less than four months later, bringing a newborn into the world. It was just kind of like somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster, but it's pretty amazing."

Rhett is highly conscious of spending time with both his girls right now, finding the balance of giving each of them the amount of attention they need. He admits that if he's been with Ada for an extended period of time, he'll switch gears and make intentional time for Willa to show her how much he cares.

"I've had to make sure that I spend that hardcore intentional time with Willa, whether it's taking her to the park or to get ice cream or whatever it is, just to show her that it is completely equal and balanced," he says.

Life Changes drops on Sept. 8.

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