When Thomas Rhett played Taste of Country Fest this weekend, he sat down with Taste of Country's Billy Dukes and discussed his new music, the Bee Gees and his Instagram photos.

Rhett is getting ready to release his latest single from his debut album, the super catchy 'Make Me Wanna.' He's already landed two No. 1 singles from the album and could land a third with the upcoming single, which he describes as having a Bee Gees sound.

“I get sick of songs really easily but I wrote this song like three years ago and it’s one of the only songs that has kind of withstood the test of time," Rhett tells Taste of Country. "It’s kind of like if the Bee Gees [insert Rhett's 'Stayin' Alive' dance move here] were to put a single out today in country music…the music kind of is what it would sound like if you will.”

He's already putting his songwriting skills to the test. The 24-year-old is already busy working on a new album. “We’ve already started recording the new album, and we’ll put out one more single from this record and we’re going to come with a lot of brand new stuff in the early of next year.”

Picking 'Make Me Wanna' as the last single from 'It Goes Like This' was an easy choice for Rhett. He says it helps fans see where they've come from and now where they're going with the new sound.

“It kind of bridged a really cool gap between what we did and what we’re doing now and it’ll be fun, man," he says. There’s a lot of songs on the next record that are really gonna make you wanna just kind of break it down and dance, if you know what I’m saying.”

Although Rhett is a talented songwriter, with big hits for himself and by other big artists, there is one song out there today that he wishes he could say he wrote. He's a fan of Tim McGraw's 'Meanwhile Back at Mama's,' and there's one part in particular that really gets him.

“At the end of the song when he goes ‘me and you back at mama’s,’ I get chills every single time," Rhett gushes. "I wish I would have written that song so bad.”

Rhett makes it a point to stay in contact with his fans, and one way he tackles that is through the use of social media. Rhett uses Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram to show them what it's like to live like the country singer. Sometimes he posts some photos that get some not-so-nice comments, though, and one example is a photo he posted of his beautiful wife, Lauren, on a lake in Nashville recently. Rhett says he shouldn't have posted his bikini-clad wife and that it opened him up to all different kinds of comments. “You oughta go look at the comments, it’s pretty bad," he says.

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