Though he’s become a country music heartthrob, you can be sure Thomas Rhett is a one-woman man. The 25-year-old married his wife Lauren in 2012 after having known her since the first grade, so it’s clear he’s in it for the long haul. With that kind of commitment and a busy touring schedule, one may wonder how he keeps his marriage lively and fun. Rhett says they make it a point to keep things interesting.

“We always really try to keep our marriage spiced up, and I try to be as romantic as possible, plannin’ fun dates or flyin’ to a different town when we have days off or go to the beach,” he shares (quote via Country Music is Love). “That’s my favorite time. I love travelin’, but I love gettin’ to travel with my wife.”

Judging by this sweet sentiment and their adorable photos on Instagram, who wouldn’t want to be this guy’s wife? The couple will celebrate their third wedding anniversary Oct. 12, 2015.

Rhett is readying for the release of his sophomore album, from which he debuted the first single, "Crash and Burn," a catchy R&B and pop-infused tune, in April.

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