Tim McGraw is one of the biggest names in country music, but he's proven over the years that he can do more than just sing. From roles in big movies like The Blindside to starring in the Yellowstone spinoff series 1883, McGraw has captivated audiences with his work in front of the camera.

However, despite his track record of success, he says there's one part of the acting process that doesn't seem to get any easier.

"I mean, auditioning is tough," McGraw shares during a visit to the Bobby Bones Show.

"It's the hardest thing in the world. The things that I've done that I think that I've done the best at are the things I didn't have to audition for."

Even after landing a role, it would be hard making sure no one on set doubts the decision — especially working with seasoned, award-winning veterans like Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, Sam Elliott and Billy Bob Thornton. McGraw has worked with each of those actors, which ma have caused him to shake in his boots a bit, seeking affirmation.

"Every time it's like, 'Do you hate me?'" he says with a chuckle. "Like, when you don't get anything back and they just walk off you're like, 'Did I suck? Did I just ruin that scene for him?'"

Thankfully, the "Live Like You Were Dying" singer has gotten some great advice over the years that has helped to keep his acting dreams going. The best counseling came from Thornton early on in McGraw's career, before they reunited on the set of 1883.

"The best advice I ever got as an actor came from Billy Bob Thornton when we were doing Friday Night Lights and I was scared to death because that was my first big movie," the Louisiana native recalls. "I asked him for any advice he'd give me and he says, 'If you think you're not doing enough you're probably still doing too much.'"

Easier said than done, Billy — insecurities tend to take over when all of the cameras are on you, which McGraw says can make anyone a nervous. But just like putting on a great concert, preparation is key.

"I'm pretty calm as long as I know my words. As long as I know the script then I feel pretty calm about it, but I have to say when you're doing a scene with Sam Elliott and you have to stare him down and sort of have a confrontation with him, that gets a little nerve-wracking because he can stare you down pretty good," McGraw admits.

The star and his wife, Faith Hill, starred alongside one another while playing the Dutton patriarchs James and Margaret in 1883. The two spent a lot of time preparing for their roles, including attending Taylor Sheridan's mandatory "cowboy camp."

The "7500 OBO" did not give details about any upcoming acting projects, though he is preparing a new (music) album. His first offering from the collection of songs is a single called "Standing Room Only."

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