One listen is all you need to realize that Tim McGraw's new song "Standing Room Only" is something special. The country singer knew immediately after the song was sent to him that he had a diamond in the rough.

"To me, it's all about life of affirmation, you know, being the best you you could be," McGraw shares with Taste of Country Nights host Evan Paul. "We fail miserably every single day when we get out of bed — I probably fail the first step I take. I fail by doing something wrong."

"The best thing you can do is try to wake up the next day, do the next best thing," he adds, "And I think that's what this song sort of says to me."

"Standing Room Only" is the type of song that speaks directly to your soul, draws your attention inward and invites you to reflect on how you're living your life. And while many tracks with similar subject matter lean toward heavy ballads, according to McGraw, this one keeps things upbeat, adding to its uplifting nature.

"It's also rare to find a song that has this much meaning to it and every word means something and every phrase means something. There's not a wasted line or a lyric anywhere in this song. And to have sort of the valid mentality to still have an up-tempo sort of energetic feel to it," he explains. "It's hard find the combination of those kinds of songs, and when you find one like that, you just hope you can get in the studio and you can pull off what you have in your head."

"This record, every step of the way, exactly what I had in my head came out and it worked out perfect," he contines. "And when we heard the final mix come off the board it just jumped out at us and waved its hand and said, 'Look at me! Look at me!'"

The new song is McGraw's first offering of new music since "7500 OBO" in 2021. The "Shotgun Rider" singer talked about new music in 2022 and mentioned he had mixed down roughly eight new songs at the time. If a new album is on the way, it will be his first since 2020's Here on Earth.

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